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My French~Inspired Dream Garden

I love flowers and gardens.

I love all things French.

So my garden would be a little shabby, but definitely chic.

A little country.

A little vintage.

Quiet and serene.

Inviting and enticing.

To save pretty garden ideas with a French flair, I created 2 Pinterest boards ~ 1 for for my French~inspired dream garden and 1 for French design.

So here is a look into my French~Inspired Dream Garden.

I would want my garden to have an beckoning path to it ~ leading visitors to a quiet and serene place.

My French~Inspired Dream Garden

And there would be a quiet place to sit for a visit with a friend, to sip a chilled glass of white wine or sweet iced tea, to read a book.

My French~Inspired Dream Garden

This garden spot with the blue shutters fills my dreams. And, of course, I love these garden chairs, like the ones I bought  and painted last summer.

My French~Inspired Dream Garden

The stone walls, blue shutters, a bench filled with pillows for comfy relaxing is so inviting. I love the filtered sunlight on the stone terrace.

My French~Inspired Dream Garden

There would be white~washed clay pots filled with fragrant alyssum sitting on an old wooden shelf.

My French~Inspired Dream Garden

As the weather warms up (and the spring storms we’ve been having go away) there will be plenty of opportunities to go antiquing at flea markets and estate sales for garden decor; but if mother nature continues to pound hail on us, a great online resource for vintage furniture is

I found some awesome shabby chic items on their site that perfectly fit my French garden esthetic. (If that style isn’t your cup of tea, you can try their Mid~Century offerings. Their fabulous collection of Mid-Century Modern furniture is definitely worth exploring.)

I would first have to have some French~inspired seating. I love the curvy lines of this wrought iron garden bench, the comfortable  wicker rocker and the vintage wooden love seat.

My French~Inspired Dream Garden

If I had a roof over my garden ~ a pergola or gazebo ~ one of these beautiful chandeliers would be wonderful for adding light and ambiance at night.

My French~Inspired Dream Garden


Having a bar cart in the garden, either in wrought~iron metal or rattan, for drinks and hospitality adds a certain panache.

My French~Inspired Dream GardenAnd we can’t have a garden seating area without vintage accessories. I love the vintage French milk bottles that can be used as vases and the wire oyster basket (a great place to store napkins and silverware for a party or garden supplies). Having this beautiful vintage shutter leaning against the garden wall adds such an old~world sense of style of nostalgia. These French grain~sack pillows will add comfort and style to one of the benches in the garden. The tin urn could be used as a vase or just an interesting accessory.

My French~Inspired Dream Garden

I would love to have this zinc~finished 2~pot stand. Wouldn’t it be cute with herbs, such as lavender or rosemary?

My French~Inspired Dream Garden

I love this antique washstand for storing garden gloves and tools or as a place for a candle at night.

My French~Inspired Dream Garden

In my real garden, I have my favorite garden chairs paired with a flea market table, both that I found at City View Antique Mall last summer. A perfect spot among the plantings to enjoy a glass of sweet iced tea and a favorite book.

My French~Inspired Dream Garden

My French~Inspired Dream Garden

Some statuary, such as this little bunny, always adds a nice touch. Random rocks among the hostas, just~about~to~bloom hydrangeas, and oxalis add a woodland feel.

My French~Inspired Dream Garden

My garden in my very own backyard has touches of the French~inspired garden of my dreams. I’ll just have to keep dreaming.

Just a shout out for one of my favorite area antique malls. If you are in the Dallas area this weekend, stop by the City View Flea Market. It’s always a great one and Saturday is supposed to be nice weather. Maybe I’ll see you there.

Have a glorious and beautiful weekend ~ hopefully in the garden of your dreams.


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  1. I just want to sit right down in your beautiful space! It’s lovely! Very well done 🙂

  2. Carol I love the way you draw me in when writing about your dream garden. I also love the French touch, but haven’t added much to my garden in that aspect, I have been busy collecting all kinds of old, sometimes crunchy and fun objects to sometime add into my decor.

    1. Marjan, isn’t the collecting half the fun? I found a couple of galvanized pales and an old wooden clock face last weekend at a flea market. I’ve already planted lavender in the pails and I’m trying to figure out what to do with the clock. Love the hunt and find.

  3. I like your garden already but I do have to agree that I like all of your wish list items and would love to have them in my garden as well!! I wish I could visit your flea market, but it’s a little far from PA 🙂

    1. Melony, thanks for visiting ~ all the way from PA. I’m always looking and I love flea markets. Sometimes we get lucky. is a great resource, too.

  4. Just so lovely! Your garden inspiration has added to all the things hubby and I would like to do in our garden at the moment! I can’t wait to see your hydrangeas in bloom!

    1. Sam, thanks for the compliments and visiting bluesky kitchen. Our hydrangeas are starting to bloom and it looks like this will be it’s prettiest spring yet. I’ll share next week.

  5. Love, love, love. Like something out of a romantic foreign movie. I just want to spend the afternoon in your garden.

  6. You create a garden inspiration that I also would love to have in my back yard. You added lots of detail that gives me ideas for some of my special spots. That’s what is so special about a vintage, french, chic, cottage garden is finding one spot and then another and another that draw you in and make you want to linger there perhaps because of the scent of a flower, or maybe a water feature or perhaps the lemonaide left for you on a tea cart. Beautiful!

    1. Debbie, you are so right. I love little spots for a hidden garden surprise. I just bought 2 galvanized pails at a flea market and planted them with lavender. They add that French feel and I love the purple flowers. Can never have too much French garden pieces. Thanks for dropping Bluesky Kitchen.