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Decorating for Christmas the Day after Thanksgiving

I hope that you had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving full of food, family, friends (as many as could safely be together), and football.  I have some tips for decorating for Christmas after Thanksgiving.

I’ve had plenty of football and I never shop on the day after Thanksgiving. How do you spend the day after Thanksgiving? Do you need some tips for decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving?

This year, we have more time to take down all the Thanksgiving decorations and start decorating for Christmas. These tips for decorating for Christmas should help make this process a little easier.

Here are the things that I would like to do the day after Thanksgiving.

  1. Catch up on reading.
  2. Watch an old movie on T.V.
  3. Take a long nap.
  4. Take a walk. (Not always, but it seems like a positive goal to have.)
  5. Eat good Tex~Mex ~ after the all~American Thanksgiving meal of turkey and dressing and mashed potatoes and pecan pie, spicy chips and salsa with tacos, enchiladas, and a margarita sound wonderful.

Except for eating good Tex~Mex, Numbers 1 ~ 4 will, unfortunately, will not be on our agenda since we are into full Christmas decorating mode.

Tips for Decorating for Christmas the Day after Thanksgiving

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It’s like Grand Central Station here. I actually started Christmas decorating early this year. Almost before Thanksgiving dinner was done, Thanksgiving decorations were being gathered, wrapped, and placed in their big plastic storage boxes.

Here are tips for helping to make packing up Thanksgiving easier.

Tips for Packing up Thanksgiving

TIP: Medium and large~size plastic storage boxes are best for storing holiday decorations. They are see~through, light~weight, and critters can’t chew into them.

TIP: Carefully wrap all decorations in tissue or bubble~wrap to keep them dust~free and safe.

TIP: If any decoration has broken or has missing parts, this is the time to either discard it or repair it.

TIP: Label all boxes with what is in them to make packing and unpacking easier. (We have boxes labeled Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, Easter, and Patriotic boxes.) If you can, also label where those decorations go in your house.

TIP: Be sure to remove all batteries from Thanksgiving lights, candles or other decorations.

TIP: After removing all Thanksgiving decorations, take time to vacuum, dust, and wipe down all services, such as mantels and tabletops.

Tips for Unpacking Christmas Decorations

TIP: As you bring in boxes of Christmas decorations, take the boxes to the room where you will use those decorations.

TIP: Buy plenty of batteries (check the type you need) ahead of time for all the battery~operated lights, candles, and decorations. This will save you lots of time running to the store for more batteries. #learnfromexperience

TIP: If you have bought new Christmas accessories ~ candles, ribbon, bows, greenery ~ put them all in one place so you don’t forget where they are. #learnfromexpereience.

TIP: Have scotch tape, Command Strips, a stapler, a glue gun with glue sticks, hangers, etc. on hand to complete your decorating.

TIP: Give yourself plenty of time for the Christmas decorating. Try not to wear yourself out. Take a break, light the fire, pour a glass of wine, and enjoy your creations.

Now the Christmas decorations are coming out of boxes. The Santas and reindeer, snowmen and garland wake up from a long nap.  Our Dickens village comes alive. It usually takes me about 5 days to completely decorate the house. It will be a jolly time. “A most wonderful time of the year.”

Confession: for the first time in our lives, we bought an artificial Christmas tree from Balsam Hill 2 years ago. We have loved it. Since we don’t have to go to the Christmas tree lot, spend an hour picking out a tree, hauling it home, and setting it up, that is one task that now takes less time.

I thought I would share a few of our special Christmas ornaments. Our silver bells and silver balls will lovingly come out of their tissue. Ornaments from our honeymoon to every trip and town we’ve traveled to since will be uncovered. These treasures always bring a smile and a memory.

This one is from Fredericksburg, Texas, 2010.

Texas Christmas ornament

Charleston, 2016; Yellowstone, 2008; New Orleans, 1998; Montreal, 2004.

Christmas ornament collage

I love mixing up our special ornaments with traditional glass balls. I started using coastal colors the first Christmas that we were in our present home.

These turquoise and gold balls I found at an estate sale.

Unfortunately, because of COVID, we did not have any trips this year so we didn’t have any new travel ornaments.  I did order our new 2020 annual silver bell and it has arrived. We have collected these bells since the 1980’s. Several years ago, I started buying them for our kids.

2020 silver bell Christmas ornament

Following these tips for decorating for Christmas makes the process more efficient and enjoyable.

A Look at Last Year’s Tree

Here is our faux Christmas tree from Balsam Hill. Last year was the first time that I put our Dicken’s Village under the tree.

I love how the windows in our breakfast room reflect the lights of the tree, making it look like there are 5 trees. I love, love our tree lighted at night. Our breakfast room widows reflect the tree beautifully.

By this time next week, our home will be full of beautiful Christmas decorations. Our Christmas trees (yes, 3 of them) will be all decked out.

TIP: Be sure to take plenty of pictures if you want to recreate the look of your tree or other decorations.

So, which camp are you in?

  • I have already completely decorated the house for Christmas and can relax for the rest of the year.
  • I’m almost done decorating. Just a few more touches to add. The house is starting to look festive.
  • I’m just getting out the Christmas decorations. Lots of work ahead.
  • I’m thinking about putting out a poinsettia for color next week and then the tree.
  • What decorations? I’ll be happy if we get a tree this year. 

I hope you enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend. I’ll be thinking about you. We will have some good Tex~Mex for dinner tonight.

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  1. Just so beautiful, Carol! Now you and Sweet Shark can just relax and enjoy the beauty and all the twinkling lights!

  2. Castillo, I love you traditional style of a greet with ornaments that bring back memories from years past. It’s very sweet.

    1. Cassandra, we had our Tex Mex on Sunday as usual. Had leftover Thanksgiving first, so we were so ready for chips and salsa. (And a margarita!)

    1. Kim, Thanksgiving afternoon was the first time in forever I can remember sitting down in the middle of the day and watching TV (Damn those Cowboys ~ we should have napped through the game!)