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21 Fabulous Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Do you give Valentine’s Day gifts to the special people in your life? Valentine’s Day gifts don’t have to be big or expensive, just thoughtful. Here are my suggestions for 21 fabulous Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

I love Valentine’s Day. It’s a celebration that doesn’t have to be about romantic relationships, although that is what girls always love. Who doesn’t love flowers, candy or a romantic dinner?

Valentine’s Day is also a time to let friends and family members know that you care about them.

Do you have to send a gift? No, a sweet card will do.

But, if you want to go the extra mile, a little gift would be such a nice surprise. And so appreciated by the recipient.

In all honesty, I picked Valentine’s Day gift ideas that I would love to give and receive. Let’s see what you think of these 21 Valentine’s Day gift suggestions.

I’m excited to share with you these awesome Valentine’s Day gift ideas. I hope you find the list helpful.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts: 21 Fabulous Ideas

Here are my 21 favorite suggestions for Valentine’s gift ideas – that don’t involve diamonds, a trip to Paris or boxes of chocolate.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for a Friend who Loves to Entertain

This pretty and useful heart casserole dish.

This set of heart ramekins.

These darling pink heart ramekins.

This heart-shaped pudding/souffle bowl.

This set of Valentine’s appetizer plate.

These cute Valentine’s cocktail napkins.

A set of heart cocktail napkins in a bright pink/red theme.

This set of 4 pretty Valentine’s Day tea towels. Give them all to one friend or one to four different friends.

These precious pink small heart-shaped plates.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for a Friend who Loves to Bake

These heart-shaped cake pans.

Heart-shaped mini-tart pans with removable bottoms.

Another set of heart-shaped mini-tart pans.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Friend who Loves Home Decor

These gifts are for the one who loves to decorate her home with a little love, but may not be a DIYer or for a daughter off at college.

This cute Valentine’s Day book stack.

Candy heart wooden blocks.

These cute wood bead tassels.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Friend who Needs a Warm Cuddle

These fluffy, cozy pink slippers.

This cozy pink robe with pockets.

This ” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener sponsored nofollow”>soft velour tracksuit for lounging around the house.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Friend who Loves to Snuggle

This pretty chevron throw.

This classic buffalo check in pink and white.

This may be my favorite – a chunky sweater throw blanket with pom-poms!

That’s my 21 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for just about anyone you would want to give a gift to – except the under-12 group. There are a few that are perfect for my daughters.

Did you find some to put on your Valentine’s Day gift list? I’d snatch those gifts right now.

If pink makes you as happy as it does me, then take a look at these ideas for Pretty Pink Things.

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Valentine's Day gift ideas guide

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  1. Carol, your gift suggestions are great! I am going to order the pink throw and the pink slippers for gifts! Thanks for all the time you spent in putting these gift suggestions together! I appreciate you. Carol, I hope that you are feeling much better. Kept you in my prayers!