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My Fall House Decorating Tour – Down Memory Lane

Fall house decorating is a special time. For me, fall decorating starts somewhere between September 1-15. (Remember I live in Dallas and September can still be hot and we still wear flip-flops and white jeans.) For inspiration, here is my fall house decorating tour – a walk down memory lane.

I thought today would be a good day to go down memory lane to last year’s fall decorating. Just like last year, fall is ready to get on the decorating band wagon.

Sweet Shark will pull all the fall and Halloween decorations down from the attic and I will get to work.  It’s nice to see what I did last year, how I used last year’s inspiration, and what I want to change this year. I definitely have some ideas for changing my fall house decorating this year.

My Fall House Decorating

This weekend, I knew fall was really, truly here.  How did I know? When I woke up Saturday and Sunday mornings, the air was cool – a lovely 61 degrees.  And it’s not supposed to hit 80.  Yippee!

When I went to tennis drills Saturday morning, I actually wore a zip-up jacket (I did take it off after 10 minutes.) Yesterday, I started switching out my summer clothes for fall clothes. I put away my sandals and pulled out my boots – it’s time to stop wearing pink and aqua.

The biggest reason I know fall is here?  

Last night Sweet Shark and I ate dinner outside on the patio.  Under candlelight.  And no mosquitos.  Just a beautiful evening enjoying grilled pork chops, roasted potatoes and Brussels Sprouts (That’s another reason I know fall is here; I bought Brussels Sprouts for the first time.), and sautéed mushrooms with a Pinot Noir. It was delightful.

So back to decorating the house for fall and Halloween.

It’s kind of embarrassing how many decorations we have accumulated over the years.  Sweet Shark loves the house decorated for the holidays and he loves to drop in Jo-Ann’s on the way home from work and pick up some cute little scarecrow or witch.

So here are the boxes of decorations

fall house decorating

We have another big box of scarecrows for outside.

So my plan for September is to arrange Fall and Halloween decorations. Then November is Fall and Thanksgiving. So for now, I’m only using half of the contents of the boxes.

I like to create little vignettes.  I looked up the word; it means “any small, pleasing picture or view”.  A grouping of like items, or unlike items, that create a smile on your face. Makes me smile. Are you smiling?

Here’s what you see when you come in our house, just passed the dining room.  Still needs a little tweaking.

fall house decorating

And here’s my little vignette.  I used one of my inspiration photos for the jar filled with red lentils, white beans and pumpkin seeds ~ all reusable.

fall house decorating

This cute guy greets you, too.

fall house decorating

These little cuties sit on a small writing table in the hall to our family room.  They are all smiling!

fall house decorating

Witches, goblins, and spiders, oh my, adorn the mantle.  I still need to find fall candles for the large candlesticks.

fall house decorating

We’ve had these guys forever, but they are still cute.  The pumpkin looks better lit at night.

fall house decorating

A scarecrow village sits on the sofa table.

fall house decorating

I combined the real sunflowers with some dried floral pieces in my French vintage coffee pot for a centerpiece on the breakfast room table.

fall house decorating

I haven’t decorated the dining room table or the front entry outside yet.  It’s just so pretty outside and I feel fall calling.


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  2. Carol,
    Loved taking the quick tour of your house with its “half Fall decorations.” 🙂 Vignettes do make me smile, and I smiled all through this tour. Thank you for joining Monday Social with your special Fall decor vignettes.


  3. Carol I live in Greece and have been waiting for fall to arrive. Of course, it never will, not fully the way I want it to., with all the pretty colors. But you take what you can get. You certainly have done a great job of bringing fall into your home with your pretty vignette. And the scarecrows are just adorable. Happy Fall Carol!

  4. I’m a Texas girl too! Live near Houston and am waiting for that first cool front! You vignettes are beautiful! I bought Brussels sprouts too this week. Thanks for sharing with #overthemoon

    1. Hi Cathy, we finally got some rain and cool weather on Monday. All my fall clothes are still stored away and I almost needed a jacket! You know what they say about the weather in Texas! Thank you so much to visiting Bluesky Kitchen. I’m so happy that you liked my fall decor. Be sure to check back on Friday and Monday for more. I’d love for you to follow and not miss anything!

  5. I am amazed at the number of tubs you have for fall and Halloween..o, and Thanksgiving.
    I have 2 tubs…ha….the only time “less is more” is my fall decorating. ..just don’t do much at all. Christmas tubs are many….:) Your decos are so cute

    1. I give my husband full credit for how our house looks during the holidays. He loves the house to be decorated so I try to comply. But I love it too. He believes you can always find room for one more decoration! Thanks for visiting and commenting.

    1. Thanks again. Fall really is a fun time to decorate. I will definitely join again. I’m one of the hosts at Your Inspired Designs Link Party. We throw the party every Thursday at 8:00 a.m. EST. Hope you will join us.