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10 ways to use oven-roasted tomatoes

I hope you read the post on How to Oven-Roast Tomatoes, but if you missed it, you can find it here. So what do you do with all those oven-roasted tomatoes to have the taste of summer last into winter?  Here’s 10 easy ways to use them.

1. Eat out-of-hand: it’s like candy! Watch out: they can be addictive.

oven-roasted tomatoes

2. Use on pizza: almost better than fresh.
3. Cut up for a delightful topping for bruschetta.
4. Use in pasta sauce: I like to use fresh and oven-roasted for extra depth of flavor and texture.

oven-roasted tomatoes

5. Serve on an antipasti platter with grilled vegetables, cheese and sausage: adds flavor, color, and texture.
6. Scatter on a salad.
7. Serve with feta or mozzarella and basil for a twist on a caprese salad.
8. Use in salsa, either alone or with fresh tomatoes.

oven-roasted tomatoes

9. Toss with couscous, tabouleah, risotto,or orzo.

oven-roasted tomatoes

10. Use as a garnish for humus.

oven-roasted tomatoes

Be creative (think sauces, soup, toppings). Just use them!

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