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10 Awesome Flea Market Items I Bought at Roundtop

I have to share the 10 awesome flea market items I bought at Roundtop. I hit the jackpot in flea market items, which is better in my book than winning the lottery.

You’ve been on a girls’ trip? A road trip? A shopping excursion? Put those all together and you have 25 women on a bus bound for one of the largest antique and flea markets in the country.  I was lucky enough to find 10 awesome flea market items.

We left Dallas at 6:30 IN THE MORNING! We were well-stocked with coffee, donuts, and pillows. We were headed for Roundtop, Texas, southeast of Austin.

It’s amazing how chatty a bunch of women can be even early in the morning before the sun comes up when going on a shopping trip! Never underestimate the power of a little coffee, juice, and a muffin to get the adrenaline going.

I certainly didn’t know what the trip would yield in the form of vintage possibilities. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular but was hoping that I would find something I couldn’t live without that was in my price range. Lucky for me, the flea market gods were smiling down on me and I can share the 10 awesome flea market items I bought at Roundtop.

flea market items

It’s amazing what the anticipation of dozens of tents filled with 100’s of vendors from all over the country, selling everything from French furniture, mirrors, and chandeliers worth thousands of  $$$, to vintage baskets, bowls and doors to knickknacks, “sit arounds” (a friend shared that term with me), and junk can do to “wear a hole in your pocket”  (quote from my dad).

Just to acquaint you with Roundtop, it’s a little town that grows a thousandfold during the spring and fall antique markets. It’s actually made up of Marburger Farm, a 43-acre farm where over 350 vendors set up in 10 tents and other buildings. 10 minutes away is Warrenton, where dozens of tents line the highway and house everything from tools, clothes, jewelry, vintage furniture to metal decorative items and good old junk.

WhatI Bought at Roundtop: 10 Awesome Flea Market Items 

Grain Sack Linen

I’ve been wanting a piece of this vintage fabric for a long time.  But this stuff is expensive.  And I wanted a piece with the right color, which had to be blue. The pieces that I’ve seen are usually in the $150 – $200 range ~ more than I wanted to pay.  This vendor had a dozen pieces, all for $65 each.  And the perfect color.  My first buy ~ easy peasy decision.  This piece is a gunny sack.  You can see in the lower right hand picture that there is a repair which I think makes it more charming.  I think I’m going to cut it open and use as a runner, either in the kitchen or dining room, depending on the occasion.

flea market items

Milk Basket

This basket obviously held old-fashioned glass milk bottles.  $25.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with it but I thought it was really cool.  Any ideas, anyone?

flea market items

Glass Cloche

a cloche is a bell-shaped glass covering, originally used to protect plants outdoors from frost.  Today we use them to house decorative displays.  After we used these as part of decorations for a charity event I participated in last year, I’ve been looking for one the right size and price   Cloches can be small or large.  I liked the size of this one.  It was $20. It will definitely be part of my fall decorating scheme.

flea market items

French Doors

these were my biggest find and my most expensive purchase, but I totally love them.  In great condition, solid wood with all the glass panes intact, great for painting. Each door is almost 16 inches wide and 7 1/2 feet tall.  My only hesitation was how to get them back to Dallas.  As it turns out, the vendor is from Dallas and I’d seen her booth at one of our local antique malls.  She said she’d just bring them back with her at the end of the week.  Done deal!  And I know exactly what I’m going to do with them:  I hate the door into our laundry room.  It won’t stay open and I have to enter the laundry room and close the door to get to the bank of shelves behind the door.  I want to take out the existing door and attach a sliding barn door.  This will also mean that light from the windows in the laundry room can come into the butler’s pantry. These doors fit the bill perfectly.  Of course, I have no idea when this will happen, but now I at least have my doors.  A steal at $180 for the pair.  Sweet Shark, this is one post you don’t have to read!

flea market items

flea market items

Blue/Green Pumpkins

I spied a beautiful pumpkin at the booth where I bought the cloche and the vendor directed me to another building where plants, pumpkins, and dried flowers were sold.  I can’t resist anything this color, so I bought this one for $10.95

flea market items

and this one.

flea market items

Dried Blue/Green Wheat

Then I just had to add this pretty bunch of wheat.  I’m going to use it in an arrangement like the one from my Fall Decorating Inspiration. $12 for the bunch.

flea market items

Next we head over to Warrenton.

Egg Baskets

I saw a lady walking around with one of these cute baskets and I kinda of stalked her until I found a tent with thousands of large metal letters and thousands of egg baskets (no exaggeration).  I picked out this one.

flea market items

and then I saw this style.

flea market items

Which one to buy? At $6 each, I grabbed both.  Now, if I only had some chickens.

Ceramic Turkeys

(Mr. and Mrs.) ~ I have a hard time finding decorations for Thanksgiving, so when I saw these, I had to take them home with me. Not bad for $12 each.

Mr. Turkey

flea market items

and Mrs. Turkey.  Or is it the other way around?

flea market items

That’s the 10 awesome flea market finds I bought at Roundtop (Actually, I think it’s 12, but who’s counting?).

flea market items

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